Having Trouble Sleeping?

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Do you ever reminisce back to when naps were a requirement for your day? We loathed them at the time, but now we beg for them after a long work day. As we get older sometimes life’s priorities don’t allow us to get a proper nights sleep but no matter what your lifestyle may be, a good night sleep is essential for your body. During sleep, the brain rests busy neurons and forms new pathways so you’re ready to take on the world in the morning. In children and young adults, the brain releases growth hormones during sleep. While you’re sleeping, your body is also producing proteins that help cells repair damage. The amount of sleep that a person needs varies from one person to another, but on average most adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep each night to feel alert and well rested. Teens need an average of about nine hours of sleep per night, and children need nine hours of nightly sleep or more, depending on their age.


The side effects of lack of sleep effect every aspect of your day to day life that even stimulants like caffeine cannot override. When you’re deprived of sleep, your brain can’t function properly, affecting your cognitive abilities and emotional state. So, it’s time to put down your coffee and grab a pillow. If you are having trouble falling asleep or are unable to sleep throughout the night, we have the perfect blend for you! Our Sleep Tight is a synergistic blend of 100% pure essential oils that help lull the body, mind and spirit into deep relaxation to help bring sleep and peacefulness.


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