Muscle spasms and Massage

Muscle spasms and Massage

If you’ve ever suffered from an intense and overwhelming pain in any muscle of your body then you’ve most likely experienced a muscle spasm, also commonly known as a “Charley Horse”. These muscle contractions often flare up suddenly and with little or no warning.  The causes vary but most of us have endured at least one in our life time, and everyone is susceptible regardless of their general state of physical health. As a fitness instructor, I have certainly tolerated my share of muscle spasms, among other pleasures.

Fortunately, for most of us there are a number of remedies readily available, and the good news is that Plantlife’s come from an organic and natural origin! Regular stretch, coupled with increased supplemental mineral intake such as potassium and magnesium, along with water hydration to the muscle blood flow are essential to nurturing a muscle that has just suffered a cramp or spasm. To drive this blood flow we look to physical circulation…or massage!

Massage is an excellent way to break up the fibers that succumb to this less than fun and involuntary muscle contraction. Plantlife’s Sore Muscle Aromatherapy Massage Oil or Plantlife’s Relieve Arnica Oil are a must for helping those stubborn muscles relax they’re unwanted energy and alleviate that pain. The synergistic formula of essential oil used in these products help penetrate and soothe tired, overworked and depleted muscles. Use these products to gently massage in a small but dynamic circular motion or in a static compression manner to trigger pressure points. Go a step further and take a warm bath (or a jacuzzi) with Plantlife Sore Muscle or Relieve Bath Salt which includes Epsom salt. Plantlife Bath Salts provide a good mineral boost due to the high content of minerals in the formula. Complete your restorative process and follow with Plantlife Relieve Arnica Balm to bring those irritated muscles back to a proactive, yet calm manner.

This easy and natural therapy should be performed on a consistent basis, especially to the muscles that are most prone to repeat offender cramps or spasms. Talk to your massage therapist about using our essential oils and blends during your massage regimen as a total body treatment and for continued use to manage a healthy and tranquil lifestyle!

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