Summer Time and Insects

Summer Time and Insects

It’s that time again! Time for lots of fun in the sun whether it be at the beach or lake, summer calls for plenty of all the good stuff the hot season has to bring! Most can hardly wait for that hard earned, fun packed vacation… that is until the bugs are there to greet us…and if vacation isn’t calling, these pesky insects may already be where we call home, often lurking in moist areas where we can’t always see or hear them, day or night. The bugs that like to bite us and our pets are the ones we worry about the most. Our 100% all natural products are a sure way to protect against summer time bug bites…check out our exclusive line!


Our Herbal Insect soap is the first layer of natural prevention against the most troublesome pest attacks. This Deet-free soap contains no chemicals or synthetic ingredients. For best results, follow with our Herbal Insect Body Oil and at the beginning and end of each day, use this to ensure clean skin and to keep the insect pests away!

The Herbal Insect Body Oil is a chemical free, 100% natural insect repellent made with your comfort and health in mind! We use a blend of pure plant essential oils known for their insect repelling properties. These proven natural ingredients provide a layer of protection on the skin leaving it soft and fresh smelling. Safe enough for daily use. Use this day and night to work as a 24 hour protectant.

Diffuse our Herbal Insect Essential Oil in your home or outdoors. It is a perfect blend of 100% pure essential oils known for their insect repellent properties. No chemical scent, just a fresh, citrus aroma to ward off pests.

So you forgot to use our other Herbal Insect products and are now plagued with itchy, irritated, insect bitten skin! Not to worry, we’ve created this special, ultra-soothing repair balm to control bite symptoms and promote healing.

In the case of a bug bite that one may be allergic to or one that may become infected, be sure to seek medical attention right away.

So remember, you can enjoy this summer and where ever you go year round, and keep those pesky bugs away at the same time!


Herbal Insect Soap
Herbal Insect Body Oil
Herbal Insect Essential Oil
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Herbal Insect Repair Balm
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