Why Plantlife Uses Vitamin E From Sunflowers

Why Plantlife Uses Vitamin E From Sunflowers

Sunflower seeds are the best whole food source of vitamin E, according to the USDA Nutrient Database. Vitamin E is both a nutrient and antioxidant, and the oil in its purest form is extremely versatile. It also helps neutralize skin damage from free radicals and environmental exposures such as pollution and ultraviolet radiation. This amazing antioxidant boost collagen production, supports new cell growth, and speeds up cell regeneration.

Did you know..

  • Vitamin E from Sunflower is a purified extract in the same form as it occurs naturally, where synthetic is produced using chemical reactions and purification.
  • None of the world’s sunflower crops have been tampered with by genetic engineers.
  • 100% of Sunflower is completely non-allergenic. Soybean is one of the big “eight” allergens and must be purified extensively in order for allergens to be removed


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