About Us

About Us

Plantlife’s mission is to consistently create all-natural body care products using the freshest organic herbs and 100% pure essential oils. Each of our aromatherapy creations is prepared with the intent of enriching our lives as well as our environment. Plantlife is actively involved in the community, making charitable contributions to non-profit organizations such as the Breast Cancer Fund and Fibromyalgia Group, to name a few.

Our company was born in 1993 from humble beginnings. Today, Plantlife, Inc. is a growing, thriving company that has developed positive, long-term relationships with its customers around the world.

A Word From Plantlife’s Owner

In second grade, the class was given an assignment to memorize a poem of our choice and recite it aloud in front of our peers. After scouring the library, I found the perfect one, “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer and I worked hard to memorize every word. The day came and I proudly delivered the poem, only to be met with the hysterical laughter of my classmates. I remember the terrible embarrassment I felt as I walked back to my desk.

Although I didn’t notice at the time, that poem had a huge impact on my life in so many ways. As I reflect on that experience, I realize how intently I was drawn to nature as a source of comfort and fun. In the 60’s, I discovered natural eating and in the 70’s I discovered natural living. My life choices and decisions have always been influenced by nature. Plantlife has been a natural progression.

Plantlife’s name was chosen to represent the life found in all plants. Nature has everything to sustain life and just as varied as people are, nature is the same. It is easy to think about this from a food perspective, but not as easy when it comes to body care. The more we maintain a natural way of life by eating organic, unadulterated food, the better we feel and sickness is warded off. This same principle also applies to what we put on our bodies. The skin is the body’s largest organ; it absorbs whatever we put on it. The more natural products you use, the healthier your precious skin will be. I always tell my loved ones to “read the label”. Know what it is that you are eating or using because your well being is worth it!

Plantlife’s mission is to create products as unadulterated as possible. We have a passion for purity so we use fresh, natural ingredients in all our creations. Although it is cheaper, we stay away from harmful, man-made chemicals and synthetics because they have no life in them – no healing value. It is more important for us to make products that are good for you than to deny our values. After all, the products we make are personal. They are made for you and your loved ones, so we won’t settle for anything but the best!

We’d like to hear from you!! As it is always interesting to hear how people come by natural living, we’d like to know your pivotal moment, the moment in which you decided natural living was for you! If you’re new to the wonderful world of organics, please let us know what kind of struggles you’ve faced in the transition.

Patty Taulbee

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