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Five Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Five Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Upon hearing the word massage, many people immediately think of going to a spa and spending some quality “me-time.” Sure, massage can help put your mind and body at ease, but its benefits extend beyond providing you that feeling of comfort and relaxation. The manipulation of soft tissues has several health benefits that you may not readily realize, and it is due to these effects that massage therapy must be incorporated into your routine. The following are five benefits of massage therapy and why you should consider it more than just a pampering treat.

1. Relieve stress. stress relief
Everyone would agree that after a massage therapy session, you simply feel calm and relaxed. In fact, stress relief is one of the primary benefits of receiving a bodywork treatment. Contrary to popular belief, stress isn’t always bad. Stress is actually necessary to perform everyday functions and prevent accidents, such as hitting the brakes when another vehicle suddenly storms in front of you on the road. Too much stress, however, can be detrimental to your health. Several studies show that even a single session of massage therapy can immensely reduce stress. This is because massage helps reduce your heart rate, insulin levels, and cortisol levels. Our Stress Relief  Spa Therapy Kit is the perfect at home solution before and after your massage to help you look and feel  your best. This kit includes our Stress Relief Therapeutic Bath Salt, Lavender Aromatherapy Herbal Soap, and Stress Relief Massage Oil.

2. Improve posturerelax

Today’s generation is notorious for bad posture. Desk workers are particularly at risk, as they need to sit for hours on end day after day. Only a small portion of the population takes the time and effort to practice measures that would permanently help them improve their posture. The most common manifestations include pain in the neck, back, and glutes. Thankfully, this can be corrected by receiving a massage. Regular massage therapy sessions can help reinforce the natural movements of different body parts, allowing your body to get back on track. It also helps reduce muscle soreness and promotes pain-free posture.  Take a sigh of relief with the help of our Relax Spa Therapy Kit.  This amazing kit includes our Relax Therapeutic Bath Salt, Vanilla Orange Aromatherapy Herbal Soap, and Relax Massage Oil.

3. Strengthen the immune system.detox

You might wonder, “How can something done on the outside help improve things on the inside?” Many might think of this simply as a marketing ploy by massage therapists and spa owners, but there are plenty of studies that back it up. For instance, one study showed that HIV patients who received a 45-minute massage therapy session 5 days a week for 1 month experienced an increase in production of cells which are considered the first line of defense in the immune system. Massage has also been shown to improve the cytotoxic capacity of the immune system, which is the activity level of the natural “killer” cells. Help the toxins drain away with our Detox Spa Therapy Kit. This wonderful kit includes our Detox Therapeutic Salt, Lemongrass Aromatherapy Herbal Soap, and Detox Massage Oil.

4. Improve circulation and lower blood pressure.rejuvenate

As mentioned, one session of therapeutic massage offers a wealth of health benefits. Just imagine what it can do if done on a regular basis. One of the best long-term effects of massage therapy is improved blood circulation. This is a result of the pressure created during the massage, regardless of the technique used. This pressure causes blood to flow through the congested areas, which then allows new blood to flow in. This also flushes lactic acid from the muscles, the accumulation of which is associated with chronic muscle fatigue and soreness. Massage can also help patients with high blood pressure. Many think that this medical condition comes with several symptoms. In reality, though, it has none, earning it the nickname “the silent killer.” Massage therapy has been proven to be an effective way to lower blood pressure naturally. Receiving massage therapy on a regular basis decreases both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Give your body the extra boost it needs with our Rejuvenate Spa Therapy Kit. This kit includes our Rejuvenate Therapeutic Bath Salt, Double Mint Aromatherapy Herbal Bar, and Rejuvenate Massage Oil.

5. Recover from physical injury.

sore muscles

Rehabilitating a physical injury can be a tedious and painful process. Many find that a physical rehabilitation program is insufficient to restore the affected area to its pre-injury state. Massage therapy plays a critical role in supplementing injury rehabilitation procedures. Relaxing the muscles and promoting circulation in the affected area allow blood to deliver much needed oxygen and other nutrients. This helps improve flexibility and range of motion. With the right injury massage therapy, the patient can expect the area to be healed at an accelerated rate. Studies indicate that there is an increasing number of patients who seek therapeutic massage to heal broken bones and burns as well. Massage can reduce stiffness and improve mobility, two problems often experienced when recovering from a broken bone. Burn patients also report less itching, discomfort and depression after receiving three months of massage therapy alongside their skin rehabilitation program.  Give your muscles an extra dose of TLC with our Sore Muscle Spa Therapy Kit. This kit includes our Sore Muscle Bath Salt, Peppermint Aromatherapy Herbal Bar, and Sore Muscle Massage Oil.

The information provided in this article has not been reviewed by a medical professional and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any condition.

About the Author

Jonathan Leger is a freelance journalist with a deep interest in holistic medicine and homeopathic care. If you’re ever in Ashveille, North Carolina, he suggests you visit

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Plantlife Holiday Gift Giving Guide – Top Ten Picks for 2012

Plantlife Holiday Gift Giving Guide – Top Ten Picks for 2012

Not sure what to give the host of next weekend’s holiday party? Did you pick the hardest to shop for person for Secret Santa? Or maybe you’re confused about what to get for the in laws? Tis’ the season to give, naturally! We have ten suggestions that will fit anyone on your list and have them saying ahhhhh…romatherapy!



10. Soap Grains In a Soap Sack

Aromatherapy soap grains in this all natural, exfoliating soap sack is our top pick to fit any sort of gift giving situation this holiday season! Use in the shower for a whole new type of clean, just make sure to hang to dry when done to get the most out of this long lasting present. Soap grains come in several aromas: Cassia Clove, Vanilla Orange, Patchouli, or Lemongrass. Finished with the grains? The soap sack also fits a regular sized bar of Plantlife soap. At $2.95, you can’t really go wrong with this gift!


9. Animal Mitts

Does your shopping list include kids? Or maybe the kids at heart? Plantlife Animal Mitts are fun (and soft!) for every age. The cute creatures make bath time happy and clean using natural fibers to gently wash away dirt. Animal mitts come in Cow, Frog, Monkey, Panda, and Puppy. Each mitt is priced at $6.00, a great value! If you like the animal mitts, we also recommend checking out the animal ramies.


8. Holiday Essential Oil Blend

Who doesn’t love the smell of Christmas time? Well now it comes in a bottle! Blending Cinnamon, Orange, Clove, and a few other aromas, Holiday Essential Oil Blend is perfect for creating that Christmas scent all year round. This gift is great for people who love essential oils or who are looking for natural ways to scent their home. Can be used in a variety of ways, such as in diffusers, drawer fresheners, or scent your own products. At $9.40 for a bottle, it’s a great deal.


7. Cassia Clove or Peppermint Aromatherapy Herbal Soap

Plantlife aromatherapy bar soap is a tried and true favorite, perfect for the hard to shop for person. They’ll love your gift even before they open it as a hint of quality ingredients can be smelled through the wrapping. To keep with the holiday theme, we recommend our Cassia Clove or Peppermint aromas for this time of year. Cassia Clove is a warm, comforting blend of Cassia, Cinnamon, and ground clove while Peppermint is refreshing, cooling, and invigorating. Only $5.95 a bar! If you don’t like Cassia Clove or Peppermint, we also recommend Oatmeal Almond.


6. Holiday Candles 3 Pack

Another great gift for anyone on your list is the Holiday Candles 3 Pack. Plantlife Aromatherapy candles are made with pure essential oils and plant based waxes. They burn cleaner than other soy based candles and provide a wonderful smell. The holiday candles come in three aromas: Mountain Pine, Vanilla Peppermint, and Orange Spice packaged in a festive holiday box. A perfect ready to go gift for $22.95!


5. Basic Sampler Set

Know someone who loves essential oils or is just beginning? This is the perfect set to get them! The Basic Sampler Set includes our top 6 selling essential oils in an eco-friendly, recyclable box. Each bottle is 10ml and is filled with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil. Essential oils can be used in many ways and each has their own unique aroma and benefits. Not sure how to use essential oils? Check out the Natural Recipes section of the blog! Get it now for only $43.00.


4. Herbal Lip Balms

Herbal Lip Balm is one of the first products Plantlife sold. Since its creation, herbal lip balm has been a hit, and it will be a hit for anyone on your list as well! We recommend it as a stocking stuffer or just a little thinking of you during the holidays gift. We also recommend trying the Herb-P and the Peppymint flavors! Lip balms start at $2.50.


3. Body Wash and Lotion Combo Set – Vanilla Orange

The all natural Body Wash and Lotion Combo Set is perfect for anyone who loves to be clean but doesn’t like bar soap and wants beautiful, moisturized skin! The body wash is SLS, chemical, and preservative free, safe for all ages and skin types. Paired with the body wash is a non-greasy lotion made with all natural ingredients that’ll leave your skin lightly scented. Included in the set is a Hemp and Bamboo hand scrubber that creates the perfect, gentle exfoliation and is also made from all natural fibers. The elastic band on the back is a fit for any hand. We recommend Vanilla Orange as it is one of our favorites, but the set also comes in Lemongrass or Lavender for only $26.35.


2. Sore Muscle Spa Therapy Kit

This kit is something special for someone special! If you aren’t sure what to choose and want to get a gift that has some variety, the Spa Therapy Kits are for you. Our favorite is the Sore Muscle Spa Therapy Kit which includes one 3 oz Sore Muscle therapeutic mineral bath salt, one 4 oz Sore Muscle massage oil, exfoliating hand scrubber and a Peppermint aromatherapy herbal soap. Makes an amazing gift for $18.60!


1. Foam Soap Value Set – Lemongrass

Our final favorite and number one recommended gift is the Foam Soap Value Set in Lemongrass. The crisp, clean aroma of lemongrass is an instant favorite, our top seller, and works for kitchen, bathroom, or really anywhere. The foam soap is thick enough to use for shaving, safe enough to wash your fruits and vegetables, gentle enough for all ages, skin types, and so versatile that you can also use it as an all-natural dog shampoo! The set includes one ready to use 8 oz foam soap pump and a 16 oz refill all for $18.15! Our favorite aroma is Lemongrass, but the set can also be purchased in all our other foam soap aromas as well.


Did we miss your favorite product on the list? Leave us a comment with what you think should be added and why!

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Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salt: Part 4

Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salt: Part 4

If you’ve been following along with our 4 part article, you know that we’ve been talking all about the history of bathing, the benefits of water, and all about salt and it’s benefits. If you haven’t been reading, you should go check out parts 1, 2, and 3! We hope you’ve enjoyed our article and hope you have learned a little something about bathing and salt! This last part is just a short wrap up to summarize what we’ve been talking about and a few recipes for you to try out!

A Quick Summary

We covered that water is refreshing, purifying, and a necessary part of life. Our body is made up of water from our saliva, to blood, to our cells and joints. The minerals in water help our bodies function, absorb and utilize all the nutrients we eat and drink. Bathing is a great way to absorb those minerals and has been used throughout the ages by the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and even Hippocrates. Bathing today is seen as forms of hydrotherapy such as thallassotherapy and balneotherapy or even just soaking in a hot tub.

Salt has been revolutionary to civilization by helping preserve food and for currency. Unrefined, unprocessed salts such as Celtic Sea salt, Dead Sea salt, and Epsom salts still contain all their minerals that our body needs and cannot produce on their own. A bath is a great way for those minerals to be absorbed by our body and a way to relax and bring peace. Celtic Sea salt has the most minerals and is used in Plantlife Therapeutic Mineral Bath Salts. It is still harvested today in the same 2000 year old tradition with wooden rakes.

What’s On Sale This Week!

For this final week in September, we are featuring Relax Therapeutic Mineral Bath salt. It has a fresh, warming aroma that soothes and calms the body and mind for total relaxation. It’s perfect for every day use after a hard day at work. While

A Few Simple Recipes

If you don’t have time for a bath or don’t have a bath, you can always try a foot or hand soak. Just add salts to a comfortably warm bucket of water and soak!


Exfoliating Body Scrub

Plantlife mineral bath salt and massage oil can be combined to make an exfoliating body scrub. Just add massage oil to the bath salt until the mixture becomes wet, but not soaked. Mix and apply. You can also try this mixture with olive oil instead of massage oil.


Scent Your Own Salt

For every 3oz of bath salt (one box of Plantlife Mineral Bath Salt), add 10-15 drops of any essential oil of your choice. Mix and store in a glass container.
A few combinations of essential oils you may want to try are:


Bath Bombs

Mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately. Slowly pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and stir. If you pour too fast, the mixture might begin to foam. The mixture should clump together. Pack tightly into mold and then carefully remove from mold. Let dry for 1-2 days and store in airtight container.


Have any questions or comments? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salts: Part 3

Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salts: Part 3



September is National Arthritis month and in recognition, we are featuring a different bath salt on sale every week on our website throughout September. Along side this sale, we are taking the opportunity to give you a brief history of bathing, salt, and the benefits water and bath salts can have when used! This is part 3 in our 4 part article, all about salt!

Why is salt so beneficial? Salt is salt, right? There are so many types of salt to talk about, but in this article, we will narrow it down to the type used in our bath salts, Celtic Sea salt and what is in it that is so beneficial.


A Brief History of Salt

Salt has been around forever and humans have been using it for just about as long. In the beginning, people would trade salt for gold and also used it to preserve food to keep it from going bad. It helped civilization to store food for longer amounts of time, making them less dependent on roaming herds. For a long time, salt bars were used as currency. It was so valuable, Roman soldiers were sometimes paid in it and in ancient Greece, slaves were traded for it. Salt determined the wealth of cities and funded wars. It was a hard item to obtain so it was very valuable, highly sought after, and was most often used in trading. These trade routes used for transporting salt are called the “salt roads.”

Salt has had other meanings besides wealth throughout history. It was used at Stonehenge for Druid rituals as a symbol of life-giving and in early Japan, was sprinkled on theatre stages before a performance to ward off evil spirits. In Arab countries, salt used to be used as a sign of friendship and to close a deal. In the Bible, salt was used metaphorically as good men are referred to being “the salt of the earth.”

From culinary to health to preventing ice on roads during winter months or softening hard water, salt is all around us and used for a wide variety of things. The types of salt used for bath salts are unlike regular table salt. Table salt has been bleached, iodized, and put through many other harsh steps that change its molecular structure and take out vital minerals, which is why this salt needs to be eaten in moderation as it can cause health problems. The right type of salt can be very beneficial to our bodies as it contains minerals we need that our bodies do not produce on their own. Salts used in bath salts or in Thalassotherapy (sea salt bath therapy) still contain all of their natural minerals that the body absorbs through water.


Of all the sea salts, Celtic Sea salt contains the most minerals and has the lowest amount of sodium. Once dissolved in water, it also has a very similar likeness to human blood and body fluids, which make it better for your body to absorb. Celtic Sea salt comes from the northern coast of France and is still harvested using a 2000 year old Celtic farming method. Harvesters of the salt use wooden rakes to scrape the layers of salt out of the sea and into piles. The reason wood rakes are used is because metal can change the molecular structure of the minerals contained in salt. This old Celtic farming method of using wooden rakes ensures the purity and balance of the minerals in the salt.

What’s In It?

So what is in Celtic Sea salt that makes it so great for the body? A few of the types of minerals in Celtic Sea salt are chloride, iron, sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon, and fluoride. These trace minerals are important to your body. They act as facilitators for biological reactions meaning they help carry the brain’s messages throughout the nervous system, improve muscle response, and help the body absorb the nutrients it gets from food.

Sodium and Chloride help regulate acidity in the body and sodium maintains pH balance in cellular fluid. Both are necessary for osmosis and electrolyte balance. Iron is needed for cell function and blood utilization. Magnesium aids in cell functionality and is necessary for muscle contraction and absorption of amino acids. Potassium helps stimulate nerve impulses and muscle contractions, stimulates kidney and adrenal function, and is also important for biosynthesis of protein. Calcium is used to build healthy bones and teeth, stimulates muscles and nerves, helps blood coagulation, and is necessary for regulating a healthy heartbeat. Zinc is beneficial for growth, development, immune system response, insulin synthesis, and can help prevent bacterial infections. Copper aids in the absorption of iron and vitamin C. Manganese is necessary for use of glucose, lipid synthesis and metabolism, and pancreatic function and development. Silicon helps with bone growth and formation, and may help keep skin young looking and keep hair and nails healthy. Fluoride keeps teeth enamel strong and helps the body absorb calcium.


What’s On Sale This Week

This week, we are featuring our Stress Relief Therapeutic Bath Salt on sale for 20% off on our website. Our Stress Relief bath salt is a synergistic formula specially combined to soothe the nerves and calm the mind, perfect after a hard day of work or anytime you feel overwhelmed. We use hand harvested Celtic Sea salt that contains over 84 vital trace minerals that are essential to our bodies.

Next week will be the last part in our 4 part article and we will be wrapping up with some recipes and other facts you should know. Don’t forget to check it out!

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Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salts: Part 2

Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salts: Part 2


September is National Arthritis month and in recognition, we are featuring a different bath salt on sale every week on our website throughout September. Along side this sale, we are taking the opportunity to give you a brief history of bathing, salt, and the benefits water and bath salts can have when used! This is part 2 in our 4 part article, the benefits of water!



The Benefits Of Water – Part 2

Water has been seen throughout the ages as cleansing, refreshing, healing, and as a sign of renewal and a source of life. Our bodies are 85% water and it makes up 9/10s of our blood, saliva, plasma, lymphatic fluid, synovial fluid in the joints, and cerebrospinal fluid. It carries hormones, proteins, and helps deliver chemical messengers and signals from our brain to the rest of our body. It flushes toxic wastes, makes our cells big and healthy, and helps lubricate our moving parts.

Water is a universal solvent and it carries with it minerals that can be absorbed by the skin, which is why adding salts and essential oils to your bath can be beneficial. Additives like salt or oil can be absorbed into the skin and into the bloodstream in as little as 2 to 15 minutes. The heat from water in a bath opens our pores to help absorb minerals and aids in dilating blood vessels, boosts circulation, and helps detoxify our body. The suspension of our body in water also helps bring relief from gravity’s pull on our muscles and joints.

Bathing is so beneficial to our bodies that there have been types of therapy developed around using water to help heal the body. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to treat various ailments by using water’s physical propertiessuch as temperature and pressure. It is a broad term and refers mainly to all forms of water therapy. It can help bring relief and aid to diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, and fibromyalgia, improve circulation, and help reduce swelling, aches, pains, and improve many other conditions.

A type of water therapy, Balneotherapy is the treatment of disease by using mineral waters externally and is typically used at spas in the form of hot or cold baths, hot tubs, saunas, or wet compresses. Similar to Balneotherapy, another form of therapy using water is Thalassotherapy. It is the same concept, but uses specifically sea water and salt from various seas. Hydrotherapy is becoming more popular nowadays as people are looking for natural ways to help heal the body and as spas are becoming more common.

We’ve talked a lot about the physical benefits of taking a bath, but there are also some psychological benefits as well. As the water reduces tension on the body and relaxes muscles, the mind will also release stress and unwind. Baths have been shown to help people relieve stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, mild depression, and help people feel more positive overall. Observations have shown that people feel renewed and purified after a bath.


This Week On Sale!

While we recommend all our salts to add to your bath, for this second week in September, the featured salt is our Detox Therapeutic Mineral Bath Salt. This formula is specially designed to extract the toxins and free radicals from the body using a blend of essential oils and Celtic Sea salt. Our salts contain 84 vital trace minerals the body doesn’t produce on its own that are essential to our bodies.

Stay tuned for next week’s article, part 3 in our 4 part article which will be all about salt!


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Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salts: Part 1

Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salts: Part 1



September is National Arthritis month and in recognition, we are featuring a different bath salt on sale every week on our website throughout September. Along side this sale, we are taking the opportunity to give you a brief history of bathing, salt, and the benefits water and bath salts can have when used!

So how many of you actually take a bath instead of a shower? Probably not a majority of you. Or maybe you spend your time soaking in a hot tub or Jacuzzi instead of a bathtub. In some cultures, like in Turkey and Japan, bathing is still a major part of life. Not many people today have time for a bath, but maybe this four part article will convince you to take some time to bathe.


Part 1: A Brief History of Bathing

Bathing has been around for thousands of years and has come and gone from popularity over the turning centuries. As early as 3000 B.C., water has been seen as a purifying element for the body and soul and has had deep religious meaning. Bathing throughout this period commonly took place as steam baths or cold baths. There have also been remains of bathing rooms found to date as early as 1700 B.C. from

the Palace of Knossos in Crete. The Egyptians, like Cleopatra, used to soak in the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea around 69 B.C. and Homer, a famous Greek poet and writer, wrote about the heroes of his books taking baths to regain their strength. Hippocrates, a Greek physician, used to write about the healing power of water and salt and regularly encouraged patients to soak in sea water from 460-377 B.C.

In the time of the Romans, bathing was probably at its peak in popularity. After working hard all day, Romans would join together at the bath to wash away their aches and mental frustrations. They saw bathing as an art, turning it into a time to talk about business, socialize, spend time with friends and family, and least important, get clean. These people, like Homer, Hippocrates, and Cleopatra, knew that bathing had much more to offer than just washing off the dirt; it offered peace, relaxation, reflection, self-indulgence and relief from worries, diseases, aches, and pains. They witnessed that a freshly bathed person felt renewed, purified, and peaceful.

The art of bathing waned slightly after the fall of the Roman Empire but did not disappear completely. Bathing took place in the Middle Ages as well, but then declined sharply after the Renaissance as water was thought to carry diseases. Religious views of bathing being a sin of self-indulgence also contributed to the decline in popularity. Forms of water therapy began to emerge again as people like Vincent Priessnitz and Sebastian Kneipp developed their own techniques. Other information and research about hydrotherapy was made publicly available thanks to people such as J.S. Hahn who wrote On the Power and Effect of Cold Water and Dr. James Currie who wrote Medical Reports, on the Effects of Water, Cold and Warm, as a remedy in Fever and Other


Diseases, Whether applied to the Surface of the Body, or used Internally. Many other books have been published and hydrotherapy is still continued to be researched.
Today bathing has regained its popularity as people are searching alternative forms of therapy for their ailments or just to relax and relieve stress. The increasing amount of spas has been contributing to its growth in popularity as they provide forms of water therapy making it more available to the public. Although the average person is busy with responsibilities and the stressful moments of their life, we hope you will take the time to bathe and discover the many benefits water (and our bath salt) has to offer.




This Week on Sale!

For this first week in September, we are featuring our Sore Muscle Therapeutic Bath Salt on sale for 20% off on our website. Our Sore Muscle bath salt is a unique combination of essential oils and mineral salts specifically intended to aid in relaxing sore, tired, and over worked muscles and reduce pain and inflammation. We use hand harvested Celtic Sea salt that contains over 84 vital trace minerals that are essential to our bodies.

Come back next week for Part 2 of our article as we will be talking all about the benefits water can have when you take a bath!

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Keep a “Positude” with Ions!

Keep a “Positude” with Ions!


As I thoroughly enjoyed the long 4th of July weekend, my mind traveled to why I always feel so good after a day at the beach… all because of wonderful molecules called negative ions.

According to Wikipedia, “An ion is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving it a net positive or negative electrical charge. An anion, from the Greek word ἄνω (ánō), meaning “up”, is an ion with more electrons than protons, giving it a net negative charge (since electrons are negatively charged and protons are positively charged). Conversely, a cation, from the Greek word κατά (katá), meaning “down”, is an ion with fewer electrons than protons, giving it a positive charge.

I have to keep things simple in my mind so by my definition, there are both negative and positive ions which are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge. From a health perspective, negative ions are the good guys and positive ions are the bad guys (just the opposite of the meaning of the words, negative and positive). Ions are invisible, tasteless and odorless so we don’t realize how much our health and daily lives are affected by them.

Negative ions are in abundance outdoors (especially at the beach due to the pounding waves and salt water). They are created by nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight and moving air and water. Circulating air contains thousands of negative ions, unlike the home or office building which may contain none. Negative ions produce biochemical reactions in our bodies that increase the level of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost energy. Negative ions also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in greater alertness, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy!

According to Michael Terman, PhD, of Columbia University in New York:

“The action of the pounding surf creates negative air ions and we also see it immediately after spring thunderstorms when people report lightened moods. In fact, Columbia University studies of people with winter and chronic depression show that negative ion generators relieve depression as much as antidepressants. The best part is that there are relatively no side effects.”

Now let’s discuss positive ions (the bad guys)! I’m sure anyone reading this who sits behind a computer all day can relate to the feeling of being “drained”. You just want to go home and lay down. Well there is a reason for this…positive ions. Our daily lives are filled with positive ions that suck the life out of us. Just think about all the electronic devices such as TV, florescent lighting, computers, air conditioning, cell phones and the list goes on that we use everyday. Positive ions drain us of our precious energy and cause tiredness, irritation, depression and other health issues.

I hear folks blaming their job for how bad they feel…they think that just because they feel better when not at the office, that it’s the job. Well it may be the job, but more than likely it’s the positive ions draining them and lack of negative ions. Think about it…you leave the office totally drained, go for a quick walk and you’re ready to party! Sometimes just going outside during the day revives the energy level.

So as I enjoyed my weekend and thought of ions and the effect on wellness, I thought I’d pass on a little information and a few tips I’ve learned to feel good daily. In this case, we want to keep it “negative”, ions that is!

  1. Spend more time outdoors, than indoors.
  2. Open the windows and allow fresh air in the house, office or car.
  3. Limit daily use of electronics and air conditioning or just be aware of what these devices are  doing to you…counteract with a walk or taking a break and going outside.
  4. Leave the florescent lighting off at the office (or use less). Use a desk lamp.
  5. If you live by the beach, mountains, waterfalls, lakes…get out and enjoy it.
  6. Walk, run, bike, swim, and sit….outdoors.
  7. Decorate with live plants and water fountains.
  8. Take baths with salt (preferably Plantlife’s Bath Salt (over 84 trace minerals, pesticide and    herbicide free)).
  9. Add a decorative salt lamp to your desk.
  10. Use an air ionizer.

My goal in writing this is to make you aware of ions as they play a vital role in your health and the way you feel. I do hope you will conduct your own research on ions. Nature provides us with everything our bodies need to be well!

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Our Favorite Things…

Our Favorite Things…


I know this isn’t “The Sound of Music” nor am I Oprah but, I thought it would be fun to share a few of our employees favorite things with you so you can see that we love and use the wonderful products we make!

So I polled some of the front office crew and asked them to share their favorite Plantlife product and why they enjoy using it. Here’s what I got!


Patty Taulbee – Does a little of everything but not much of anything…

Favorite Product: Bar Soap

OK so the running joke with people who know me is that I always have a “new favorite” product. If you spend any time with me, you would hear all about what is good for you and what is not good for you (skin is your largest organ and EVERYTHING gets absorbed into your system)! I always look past the marketing hype on everything and look at the results…results ALWAYS speak the truth!

When I was getting into making my own body care products years ago, I did so because the result from products I was using caused dry skin, cracked skin, chemical sensitivity, weird bumps on my skin, clogged pores, and the list goes on. All I knew was that the more I slathered stuff on, the worse it got. Now, many years later, I understand why and I am grateful that I cared enough about myself to not listen to the marketing hype but do my own research and come to my own conclusions. I’m supposed to be writing about my favorite Plantlife product but had to precede it with a little about me…so whoever reads this understands I’m not just trying to promote product.

Plantlife products are all awesome…for many reasons. Probably the most important one is the ingredients. It’s like cooking, if you use fresh, high quality ingredients, your dish will have more nutritional value and taste better. All Plantlife products are made with the purest, freshest, highest quality ingredients.

When I think about which Plantlife product is my favorite, I can’t decide. They are all awesome and so healthy for the body. I think though if I have to choose one, it would be our soap. Plantlife soap is very moisturizing, has a fairly neutral Ph and always makes me feel soft and clean (and the aromas are all soooooooo yummy). Every time I take a different soap home from work, I report back and tell everyone about my “new favorite” (Plantlife has 28 different soaps)! I’ve tried other products to wash with but I always go back to our bar soap…why, because of the results and the aromas!

Nancy Baldini – National Sales Manager (really)

Favorite Product: Sore Muscle Massage Oil

My favorite product is the Sore Muscle massage oil. After a long commute sitting in rush hour traffic, by the time I get home my shoulders and back are so tense, I immediately turn to my sore muscle massage oil. Within minutes the tension is gone and the soreness has faded away. I also massage the bottoms of my feet after working a long day at a trade show or just wearing those “oh so cute” shoes (that are not so cute by the end of the day).

Judy Smith – Everybody’s Favorite Person (in the whole world)
Favorite Product: Foam Soap (Fresh Mint to be specific) and Herbal Lip Balm

I simply cannot live without Fresh Mint Foam Soap. I love the fresh and lively aroma of this soap and the clean rinse formula. I really like the fact that I can clean almost any surface and the aroma fills the air and lasts all day.

Running a close second to the Foam Soap, you’ll never find me without an Herbal Lip balm (or ten). I don’t really use the lip balm the traditional way. With my advanced wisdom (age) comes pretty thin skin which is prone to minor cuts and scrapes. The herbal lip balm eases the pain and helps my skin to heal quickly without scarring.

Jennifer Howe – Tid Bits and Whatnots Coordinator (I just made that title up)
Favorite Product: Geranium Essential Oil

This one took me a while. I was just so torn between the Sore Muscle Bath Salts and the Geranium EO but, a decision had to be made and I went with the one product I use most often. I don’t exercise enough to warrant Sore Muscle Salt baths every night…

Let’s put aside the fact that I adore the floral aroma of Geranium Essential Oil almost as much as I love “new baby smell”, the insane and numerous benefits of this wonder essential oil make it my numero uno, most favorite product ever in history. Ok, that’s a little dramatic but seriously folks, it’s in the top five for certain.

I first used Geranium in my homemade skincare products (including toner and body oil) and loved the effects. The toner tightened and brightened while the body oil moisturized and balanced my skin. The more I researched, the more in love with the oil I fell.

Having an hormonal imbalance can be quite disturbing (just ask my husband of 12 years). The aroma-therapeutic effect of Geranium helps to balance my hormones, therefore my emotions, therefore my life. As an added bonus, just 10 drops in my bath water, helps quiet my tumultuous mind before bedtime.

Carrie Garcia – Production Manager (biggest job of all!)
Favorite Product: Ginger Berry Body Oil and Lemongrass Body Wash

I had to pick two because there is no way I could choose just one! For me, the Ginger Berry Body Oil is the best thing since sliced bread. Nothing beats rubbing the oil into my skin after a shower or bath and feeling the softening effects hours later. Also, I’m a busy mom and don’t have time to get regular pedicures so I rub a little Body Oil into my feet after the shower and they stay soft and supple with no cracking or sandpaper texture.

I have to also choose Lemongrass Body Wash because my kids love it. With three boys (4 if you count my husband), you can imagine soap is a hot commodity in our house. The Body Wash is not only a hygienic alternative to bar soap since it’s shared but, it also makes a great bubble bath. Plus, I don’t have slippery pieces of soap to scrub off the bottom of the tub afterwards.

Remember, we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can email us at or give us a call Monday through Thursday 7:00am to 5:00pm PST.

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How Baths Promote Wellness

How Baths Promote Wellness

How Baths Promote Wellness
I’d like to take just a minute of your time today to talk about the importance of bathing!

Why Baths?

There are many varied benefits to those warm, luxurious soaks many of us love to indulge in. Warm baths aid in dilating your blood vessels and boosting circulation as well as provide relief for those who suffer from back pain, headaches and arthritis. Baths can also aid in detoxifying your body.

Adding enhancements like aromatherapy like natural bath salts can greatly amplify the benefits of a good bath – just ensure you choose your products wisely. Stay away from harsh chemicals and synthetics!

Utilizing mineral bath salts are ideal as they do not leave a soapy residue on the skin and have a multitude of benefits. Celtic sea salt specifically helps to balance the body by infusing their 84 trace minerals into the body’s largest organ, the skin.

What’s the Deal with Salt?

I can hear you all asking, “isn’t salt just salt and anything with a fancy name just pretentious salt?” “What are trace minerals and why are they essential to my body?” Don’t worry, I will clarify!

Not all salts are created equally. In other words, the everyday table salt some of us tend to overuse is heavily processed. Everything that was good about the natural salt has been processed out, so all we’re left with is the high blood pressure, and heart disease inducing stuff. While some drug companies may love that we cover our meals in table salt, our bodies certainly don’t like it.

Minerals act as catalysts for many biological reactions within the body, including, muscle response, the transmission of messages through the nervous system and the utilization of nutrients in food. While minerals exist in our bodies, we don’t naturally produce them making us dependent on outside resources like food.

Therapeutic Bath Salts

Plantlife Bath SaltPlantlife’s pure, unprocessed salt comes from the non-polluted shores of Brittany, France. It’s sun dried and hand harvested using a 2000 year old Celtic farming method that preserves the purity and balance of the ocean minerals. This salt is rich in over 84 vital minerals including magnesium, potassium, boron, iron, calcium, manganese, zinc and a varied array of many other minerals. Notably, this salt is free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical residues.

I hope I’ve inspired you to turn off the phone, hand the kids off to your spouse and take a little time for yourself by relaxing in a warm bath with Plantlife Therapeutic Bath Salts. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Note: Health professionals suggest hot baths may not be ideal for individuals suffering from obesity or having a medical history of heart disease, low or high blood pressure or women who may be pregnant. Remember, scalding hot baths are never a good idea as they can burn and dry out your skin!

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