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Plantlife Holiday Gift Giving Guide – Top Ten Picks for 2012

Plantlife Holiday Gift Giving Guide – Top Ten Picks for 2012

Not sure what to give the host of next weekend’s holiday party? Did you pick the hardest to shop for person for Secret Santa? Or maybe you’re confused about what to get for the in laws? Tis’ the season to give, naturally! We have ten suggestions that will fit anyone on your list and have them saying ahhhhh…romatherapy!



10. Soap Grains In a Soap Sack

Aromatherapy soap grains in this all natural, exfoliating soap sack is our top pick to fit any sort of gift giving situation this holiday season! Use in the shower for a whole new type of clean, just make sure to hang to dry when done to get the most out of this long lasting present. Soap grains come in several aromas: Cassia Clove, Vanilla Orange, Patchouli, or Lemongrass. Finished with the grains? The soap sack also fits a regular sized bar of Plantlife soap. At $2.95, you can’t really go wrong with this gift!


9. Animal Mitts

Does your shopping list include kids? Or maybe the kids at heart? Plantlife Animal Mitts are fun (and soft!) for every age. The cute creatures make bath time happy and clean using natural fibers to gently wash away dirt. Animal mitts come in Cow, Frog, Monkey, Panda, and Puppy. Each mitt is priced at $6.00, a great value! If you like the animal mitts, we also recommend checking out the animal ramies.


8. Holiday Essential Oil Blend

Who doesn’t love the smell of Christmas time? Well now it comes in a bottle! Blending Cinnamon, Orange, Clove, and a few other aromas, Holiday Essential Oil Blend is perfect for creating that Christmas scent all year round. This gift is great for people who love essential oils or who are looking for natural ways to scent their home. Can be used in a variety of ways, such as in diffusers, drawer fresheners, or scent your own products. At $9.40 for a bottle, it’s a great deal.


7. Cassia Clove or Peppermint Aromatherapy Herbal Soap

Plantlife aromatherapy bar soap is a tried and true favorite, perfect for the hard to shop for person. They’ll love your gift even before they open it as a hint of quality ingredients can be smelled through the wrapping. To keep with the holiday theme, we recommend our Cassia Clove or Peppermint aromas for this time of year. Cassia Clove is a warm, comforting blend of Cassia, Cinnamon, and ground clove while Peppermint is refreshing, cooling, and invigorating. Only $5.95 a bar! If you don’t like Cassia Clove or Peppermint, we also recommend Oatmeal Almond.


6. Holiday Candles 3 Pack

Another great gift for anyone on your list is the Holiday Candles 3 Pack. Plantlife Aromatherapy candles are made with pure essential oils and plant based waxes. They burn cleaner than other soy based candles and provide a wonderful smell. The holiday candles come in three aromas: Mountain Pine, Vanilla Peppermint, and Orange Spice packaged in a festive holiday box. A perfect ready to go gift for $22.95!


5. Basic Sampler Set

Know someone who loves essential oils or is just beginning? This is the perfect set to get them! The Basic Sampler Set includes our top 6 selling essential oils in an eco-friendly, recyclable box. Each bottle is 10ml and is filled with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil. Essential oils can be used in many ways and each has their own unique aroma and benefits. Not sure how to use essential oils? Check out the Natural Recipes section of the blog! Get it now for only $43.00.


4. Herbal Lip Balms

Herbal Lip Balm is one of the first products Plantlife sold. Since its creation, herbal lip balm has been a hit, and it will be a hit for anyone on your list as well! We recommend it as a stocking stuffer or just a little thinking of you during the holidays gift. We also recommend trying the Herb-P and the Peppymint flavors! Lip balms start at $2.50.


3. Body Wash and Lotion Combo Set – Vanilla Orange

The all natural Body Wash and Lotion Combo Set is perfect for anyone who loves to be clean but doesn’t like bar soap and wants beautiful, moisturized skin! The body wash is SLS, chemical, and preservative free, safe for all ages and skin types. Paired with the body wash is a non-greasy lotion made with all natural ingredients that’ll leave your skin lightly scented. Included in the set is a Hemp and Bamboo hand scrubber that creates the perfect, gentle exfoliation and is also made from all natural fibers. The elastic band on the back is a fit for any hand. We recommend Vanilla Orange as it is one of our favorites, but the set also comes in Lemongrass or Lavender for only $26.35.


2. Sore Muscle Spa Therapy Kit

This kit is something special for someone special! If you aren’t sure what to choose and want to get a gift that has some variety, the Spa Therapy Kits are for you. Our favorite is the Sore Muscle Spa Therapy Kit which includes one 3 oz Sore Muscle therapeutic mineral bath salt, one 4 oz Sore Muscle massage oil, exfoliating hand scrubber and a Peppermint aromatherapy herbal soap. Makes an amazing gift for $18.60!


1. Foam Soap Value Set – Lemongrass

Our final favorite and number one recommended gift is the Foam Soap Value Set in Lemongrass. The crisp, clean aroma of lemongrass is an instant favorite, our top seller, and works for kitchen, bathroom, or really anywhere. The foam soap is thick enough to use for shaving, safe enough to wash your fruits and vegetables, gentle enough for all ages, skin types, and so versatile that you can also use it as an all-natural dog shampoo! The set includes one ready to use 8 oz foam soap pump and a 16 oz refill all for $18.15! Our favorite aroma is Lemongrass, but the set can also be purchased in all our other foam soap aromas as well.


Did we miss your favorite product on the list? Leave us a comment with what you think should be added and why!

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What’s in Your Candle?

What’s in Your Candle?


We’ve all bought candles at some point simply because they were pretty, would look perfect on the mantle or make a great gift. We don’t stop to think that burning those candles might release toxins into the air that we inhale, that the friends and loved ones we gifted these candles to would be inhaling said toxins.


Sure, “Sugar Cookie” or “Apple Pie” are fragrances that stir up meaningful memories but, that’s exactly what they are, fragrances. Unfortunately, you can’t capture the aroma of Apple Pie simply by bottling the air while baking, the aroma has to be synthetically made. A good rule of thumb is, whenever you see the words “Fragrance” or “Perfume” oils (even if it says Natural Fragrance) you can assume it is completely synthetic and you should keep away.

Since synthetic fragrance contains phthalates, which are chemicals that can cause or trigger several issues including; hormonal abnormalities, birth defects, allergies, headaches or migraines, asthma attacks and even reproductive problems, you want to ensure you steer clear of burning this surreptitious menace.


Another point of contention is the type of wax used in most commercially available candles. While hard-core Paraffin users will swear to the ingredient’s “organic” status, other candle makers and users sing a different tune. Because paraffin is so much cheaper than alternative waxes like soy, plant and beeswax, it is the most common candle on the market.

Paraffin for candle making is by definition a byproduct of distilling petroleum. Petroleum is a naturally occurring mixture of hydrocarbons present in certain rock strata which can be extracted and refined into things like gasoline. Here’s the rub, although the National Candle Association (NCA) defends the use of Paraffin wax in candle making, both the EPA and the State of California (under prop. 65) have identified several major toxins in paraffin including Toluene and Benzene which are known human carcinogens.

The simple fact that there is debate on the topic of Paraffin adversely affecting air quality is enough to turn me off to the ingredient!


Wicks are yet another big issue. Even though the use of lead in candle wicks is banned in the US, there is regretfully no surefire way to tell what kind of wick a given candle contains – especially when it comes to imported candles.

Since candle makers do not have to list ingredients on the labels, how are consumer supposed to know what base materials are in their candle? How are we to decide for ourselves if we want to inhale harmful chemicals?

Plantlife Candles

By now, I’m sure most of you know our motto, “For People and Planet”.   It’s this same motto that drives us to provide the highest quality, most sustainable products. We apply this attitude to our candle line as well. As a health and wellness company at heart (not to mention our love of pure essential oils) the air we breathe is just as important to us as what we put in or on our bodies.

Like all Plantlife products, our Aromatherapy candles were formulated for their therapeutic benefit. Weather it’s our relaxing Lavender (great for the bedroom) or our uplifting Lemongrass & Orange, all of our candles are made with 100% pure essential oils, a mixture of plant based and soy waxes and cotton wicks.

New Pest-Off Product and Special Promotion

We are thrilled to announce the release of the newest addition to our Pest-Off line of natural pest repellent… The Pest-Off Candle! Like all Plantlife candles, the Pest-Off Candle is made with only 100% pure essential oils (including Citronella) known for their repellent properties.

Keep troublesome pests away from your kitchen, picnic table or campfire with this wonderfully natural new candle!

To celebrate the release of our Pest-Off Candle, we are giving you a coupon code good for 15% off ALL Plantlife Candles. We so rarely offer discounts on our candles so act fast!

To redeem the Plantlife Candle Coupon, simply enter coupon code: PLCL15 in the box at checkout. Click here to shop now!

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