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How To Make Flavored Toothpicks with Essential Oils!

How To Make Flavored Toothpicks with Essential Oils!

Hosting a party, especially during the holidays, is fraught with many a peril. It can be something as little as running out of an ingredient for your favorite dish to splitting your focus six ways from Sunday to get everything done. Because when it comes to making a lasting impression, the decorations have to be just right, the food can’t be over or under cooked, and at least once you’ll be putting out fires (either literal or figurative). Sometimes, though, it’s the small things that matter the most. And that’s the best place to start.

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Spring Cleaning the Natural Way: 2013

Spring Cleaning the Natural Way: 2013

Spring is here and so begins the annual Spring Cleaning at Plantlife! We are featuring a fantastic Spring Cleaning sale on our website to clear out some space for new things to come. As you prepare for your own cleaning journey, check out our some of our favorite essential oils for housework and a few helpful recipes for all natural, green cleaning!


Our Favorite Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning


Clean House blend

Our very own blend created for a fresh smelling house! We specially formulated it using essential oils great for cleaning properties and their amazing aromas! Perfect for adding to existing cleaning products, linen sprays, or any make your own cleaning recipes.


Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential oil makes a great addition to your cleaning list as its very own properties are known to be antimicrobial and also believed to be antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic. Hailing from Australia, the indigenous people used to use parts of the Tea Tree plant to help heal and disinfect.


Lavender Essential Oil

The wonderful aroma of Lavender creates a soothing, comfortable environment for your home. The perfect aroma for any cleaning recipes or products for your bedroom or laundry.


Lemon and Orange Essential Oils

The citrus aromas of Lemon and Orange essential oils create a cheery, uplifting atmosphere. Lemon essential oil makes a wonderful addition to cleaning, as it has been said that the acidity dissolves tarnish, removes grease, deodorizes and disinfects. Orange makes the list as well, as it has been said that it makes a great stain remover, cleaner, and deodorizer.





Mattress Freshener (Can also be used as a Carpet freshener)

1 Cup Baking Soda
5 Drops Essential Oil of choice
Container with a lid

Combine 5 drops to 1 cup baking soda into a container with a lid. Shake well to mix the essential oil with the baking soda. You can use right away, but for better results, let sit for a day. Sprinkle on mattress and leave for 15 minutes. Then, using hose attachment on your vacuum, vacuum mattress until no baking soda is left. If the aroma isn’t strong enough for your mattress or carpets, add a few extra drops.

For a carpet freshener, just double or triple the recipe depending on how much carpet area you need to refresh. We recommend leaving on the carpet for an hour.


Helpful Microwave Cleaner

1-2 Tablespoons of White Vinegar
2 Cups of Water
Microwaveable safe bowl or cup
Add a drop of essential oil for a microwave deodorizer (optional)

Combine 1 to 2 table spoons of White Vinegar with two cups water into a microwaveable safe container. Place container into microwave and close the door. Microwave for 4 minutes. Let the container sit in the microwave with the door closed for a few minutes to cool, remove container, and wipe down microwave as normal. Dirt and food should come right off!

Warning! Water microwaved in a smooth bowl can become superheated causing it to boil under the surface tension and explode when cool air hits it. Let the bowl sit in the microwave for a few minutes to let cool or add a small item like a toothpick to the bowl before heating.

You can also use a sponge soaked in the same solution and microwave for a few minutes although it may not be as effective as the bowl method.


Gunk Remover

1 part Coconut Oil
1 part Baking Soda

Mix equal parts of Coconut Oil and Baking Soda thoroughly together in a jar or container with a lid. Apply paste to sticky area and let sit for a few minutes and scrub clean. You can also add a few drops of essential for aroma. We recommend Lemon as it works well with sticky situations.

Note: Baking soda can be abrasive, be careful on surfaces such as plastics you don’t want scratched.



What are your favorite natural cleaning recipes? Let us know by leaving a comment!


Note: While essential oils are wonderful for green cleaning and are non-toxic to humans, be careful around cats as they have little to no tolerance for essential oils and may even be dangerous for them.

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Plantlife Holiday Gift Giving Guide – Top Ten Picks for 2012

Plantlife Holiday Gift Giving Guide – Top Ten Picks for 2012

Not sure what to give the host of next weekend’s holiday party? Did you pick the hardest to shop for person for Secret Santa? Or maybe you’re confused about what to get for the in laws? Tis’ the season to give, naturally! We have ten suggestions that will fit anyone on your list and have them saying ahhhhh…romatherapy!



10. Soap Grains In a Soap Sack

Aromatherapy soap grains in this all natural, exfoliating soap sack is our top pick to fit any sort of gift giving situation this holiday season! Use in the shower for a whole new type of clean, just make sure to hang to dry when done to get the most out of this long lasting present. Soap grains come in several aromas: Cassia Clove, Vanilla Orange, Patchouli, or Lemongrass. Finished with the grains? The soap sack also fits a regular sized bar of Plantlife soap. At $2.95, you can’t really go wrong with this gift!


9. Animal Mitts

Does your shopping list include kids? Or maybe the kids at heart? Plantlife Animal Mitts are fun (and soft!) for every age. The cute creatures make bath time happy and clean using natural fibers to gently wash away dirt. Animal mitts come in Cow, Frog, Monkey, Panda, and Puppy. Each mitt is priced at $6.00, a great value! If you like the animal mitts, we also recommend checking out the animal ramies.


8. Holiday Essential Oil Blend

Who doesn’t love the smell of Christmas time? Well now it comes in a bottle! Blending Cinnamon, Orange, Clove, and a few other aromas, Holiday Essential Oil Blend is perfect for creating that Christmas scent all year round. This gift is great for people who love essential oils or who are looking for natural ways to scent their home. Can be used in a variety of ways, such as in diffusers, drawer fresheners, or scent your own products. At $9.40 for a bottle, it’s a great deal.


7. Cassia Clove or Peppermint Aromatherapy Herbal Soap

Plantlife aromatherapy bar soap is a tried and true favorite, perfect for the hard to shop for person. They’ll love your gift even before they open it as a hint of quality ingredients can be smelled through the wrapping. To keep with the holiday theme, we recommend our Cassia Clove or Peppermint aromas for this time of year. Cassia Clove is a warm, comforting blend of Cassia, Cinnamon, and ground clove while Peppermint is refreshing, cooling, and invigorating. Only $5.95 a bar! If you don’t like Cassia Clove or Peppermint, we also recommend Oatmeal Almond.


6. Holiday Candles 3 Pack

Another great gift for anyone on your list is the Holiday Candles 3 Pack. Plantlife Aromatherapy candles are made with pure essential oils and plant based waxes. They burn cleaner than other soy based candles and provide a wonderful smell. The holiday candles come in three aromas: Mountain Pine, Vanilla Peppermint, and Orange Spice packaged in a festive holiday box. A perfect ready to go gift for $22.95!


5. Basic Sampler Set

Know someone who loves essential oils or is just beginning? This is the perfect set to get them! The Basic Sampler Set includes our top 6 selling essential oils in an eco-friendly, recyclable box. Each bottle is 10ml and is filled with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil. Essential oils can be used in many ways and each has their own unique aroma and benefits. Not sure how to use essential oils? Check out the Natural Recipes section of the blog! Get it now for only $43.00.


4. Herbal Lip Balms

Herbal Lip Balm is one of the first products Plantlife sold. Since its creation, herbal lip balm has been a hit, and it will be a hit for anyone on your list as well! We recommend it as a stocking stuffer or just a little thinking of you during the holidays gift. We also recommend trying the Herb-P and the Peppymint flavors! Lip balms start at $2.50.


3. Body Wash and Lotion Combo Set – Vanilla Orange

The all natural Body Wash and Lotion Combo Set is perfect for anyone who loves to be clean but doesn’t like bar soap and wants beautiful, moisturized skin! The body wash is SLS, chemical, and preservative free, safe for all ages and skin types. Paired with the body wash is a non-greasy lotion made with all natural ingredients that’ll leave your skin lightly scented. Included in the set is a Hemp and Bamboo hand scrubber that creates the perfect, gentle exfoliation and is also made from all natural fibers. The elastic band on the back is a fit for any hand. We recommend Vanilla Orange as it is one of our favorites, but the set also comes in Lemongrass or Lavender for only $26.35.


2. Sore Muscle Spa Therapy Kit

This kit is something special for someone special! If you aren’t sure what to choose and want to get a gift that has some variety, the Spa Therapy Kits are for you. Our favorite is the Sore Muscle Spa Therapy Kit which includes one 3 oz Sore Muscle therapeutic mineral bath salt, one 4 oz Sore Muscle massage oil, exfoliating hand scrubber and a Peppermint aromatherapy herbal soap. Makes an amazing gift for $18.60!


1. Foam Soap Value Set – Lemongrass

Our final favorite and number one recommended gift is the Foam Soap Value Set in Lemongrass. The crisp, clean aroma of lemongrass is an instant favorite, our top seller, and works for kitchen, bathroom, or really anywhere. The foam soap is thick enough to use for shaving, safe enough to wash your fruits and vegetables, gentle enough for all ages, skin types, and so versatile that you can also use it as an all-natural dog shampoo! The set includes one ready to use 8 oz foam soap pump and a 16 oz refill all for $18.15! Our favorite aroma is Lemongrass, but the set can also be purchased in all our other foam soap aromas as well.


Did we miss your favorite product on the list? Leave us a comment with what you think should be added and why!

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What to do with Soap Grains

What to do with Soap Grains


Are you wondering what to do with soap grains or how to use them? Wonder no more! Here are a few recipes for how to get the most out of soap grains! If you would like to buy soap grains, check out our website at


What are soap grains and why would I want to use them?

Soap Grains are chopped up pieces of soap, typically the odds and ends after cutting that are too small to use for anything else. The soap is perfect to use, but unable to sold as a bar or sample because of its size. We hate wasting stuff or throwing things away, so we turned it into something you can use!

Why use soap grains when you can just use a bar of soap? Well, there’s a variety of ways you can use soap grains other than just as plain soap! Here are some fun recipes to try with your soap grains.


Ramie Soap Sack

1 Ramie Soap Sack
5-6oz of Soap Grains

One of the most obvious ways to use soap grains is using them with a ramie soap sack. Add grains into soap sack, close, and then wet and wash as you normally would. The soap sack provides great exfoliation for your skin.


Drawer Scenter or Potpourri

1 bag of some sort or container that lets the aroma out (you can use a Ramie Soap Sack)
Soap Grains

Fill bag or container with your choice of scent soap grains. (We recommend Cassia! It’s a strong smell that is warm and comforting.)  Place bag or container in drawer, shelf, bowl, or wherever you choose. Soap grains will give off a wonderful aroma! The smell will last for months as well.


Melt and Pour Your Own Soap

Soap Grains
Microwave Safe Glass Measuring Cup or Container
Any Shape Mold for the Soap
(Additives if you want)

You may want to make more or less melted soap, so this recipe won’t give any measurements. Melt soap in microwave-safe container in microwave until melted (you can also do this on the stove, but make sure to keep a careful eye on the soap and make sure it doesn’t burn!). Depending on how much soap you are making, the microwave time varies. For 8oz of soap it takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to melt thoroughly. Watch soap carefully as you do not want to burn the soap. Please use caution, as soap will be hot. Take container out of microwave and stir, making sure there are no lumps. If there are lumps, put it back in the microwave for a few more seconds. Mix in any additives you may want, such as color or essential oils. Pour into the mold you have chosen. Wait until hard to remove the soap. If soap is hard to remove from mold, try placing in the freezer for a little bit.

Extra Ideas for Making Your Own Bar

You can just melt and pour your own bar from the soap grains but there are other things you can do to customize your own bar soap. Be creative! Picking a good mold can be the first step, such as one with bumps on the bottom for a massaging soap or even just interesting shapes. You can try adding coloring to make the soap different colors (color may vary as soap is not clear). Soap coloring can be found at your local craft store. You can also add to the scent by adding a few drops of essential oils to the melted soap. If you want to make your soap exfoliating, try adding ground oatmeal or grinding up almonds or seeds. Other interesting things to add would be dried leaves or dried flowers like basil, eucalyptus, or lavender. You can crush the leaves and mix them into the melt soap, or add to the bottom and pour the soap on top of it making a layer of leaves or flowers. These also make great homemade gifts!


Foam Soap

3/4 cup Soap Grains
8oz of Distilled Water
Airtight Container
Foam Soap Container/Pump (such as the Plantlife Foam Soap Pump)

Add 3/4 cup of soap grains and 8oz of distilled water into airtight container. Let sit overnight. Shake the mixture to see if all grains have dissolved. If grains have not dissolved, stir, and let sit for a while longer. Pour into Foam Soap container/pump when ready. Use as normal! Aroma will not be as strong as our regular foam soap, but foam will still be just about as thick as our regular foam soap. If you think the foam is not thick enough, add more grains. If you want the scent to be stronger, add a few drops of essential oil and mix (add only a few drops at a time as scent may be overpowering or too harsh on skin if you add too much essential oil). Shake before each use for best results.


Soap Clay or Putty

Soap Grains

Add soap grains to the blender and blend until very fine. Shape, mold, sculpt or do whatever you want with it! Let the kids play with it! Makes a great clay or putty similar to playdoh. Easy clean up, smells great, and does not stain.


Do you use soap grains? Have another great idea on how to use them? Let us know by leaving a comment!
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Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salt: Part 4

Therapeutic Benefits of Bathing and Mineral Salt: Part 4

If you’ve been following along with our 4 part article, you know that we’ve been talking all about the history of bathing, the benefits of water, and all about salt and it’s benefits. If you haven’t been reading, you should go check out parts 1, 2, and 3! We hope you’ve enjoyed our article and hope you have learned a little something about bathing and salt! This last part is just a short wrap up to summarize what we’ve been talking about and a few recipes for you to try out!

A Quick Summary

We covered that water is refreshing, purifying, and a necessary part of life. Our body is made up of water from our saliva, to blood, to our cells and joints. The minerals in water help our bodies function, absorb and utilize all the nutrients we eat and drink. Bathing is a great way to absorb those minerals and has been used throughout the ages by the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and even Hippocrates. Bathing today is seen as forms of hydrotherapy such as thallassotherapy and balneotherapy or even just soaking in a hot tub.

Salt has been revolutionary to civilization by helping preserve food and for currency. Unrefined, unprocessed salts such as Celtic Sea salt, Dead Sea salt, and Epsom salts still contain all their minerals that our body needs and cannot produce on their own. A bath is a great way for those minerals to be absorbed by our body and a way to relax and bring peace. Celtic Sea salt has the most minerals and is used in Plantlife Therapeutic Mineral Bath Salts. It is still harvested today in the same 2000 year old tradition with wooden rakes.

What’s On Sale This Week!

For this final week in September, we are featuring Relax Therapeutic Mineral Bath salt. It has a fresh, warming aroma that soothes and calms the body and mind for total relaxation. It’s perfect for every day use after a hard day at work. While

A Few Simple Recipes

If you don’t have time for a bath or don’t have a bath, you can always try a foot or hand soak. Just add salts to a comfortably warm bucket of water and soak!


Exfoliating Body Scrub

Plantlife mineral bath salt and massage oil can be combined to make an exfoliating body scrub. Just add massage oil to the bath salt until the mixture becomes wet, but not soaked. Mix and apply. You can also try this mixture with olive oil instead of massage oil.


Scent Your Own Salt

For every 3oz of bath salt (one box of Plantlife Mineral Bath Salt), add 10-15 drops of any essential oil of your choice. Mix and store in a glass container.
A few combinations of essential oils you may want to try are:


Bath Bombs

Mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately. Slowly pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and stir. If you pour too fast, the mixture might begin to foam. The mixture should clump together. Pack tightly into mold and then carefully remove from mold. Let dry for 1-2 days and store in airtight container.


Have any questions or comments? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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Plantlife User Suggestion: Fusing Plantlife Aromatherapy Soap Bars!

Plantlife User Suggestion: Fusing Plantlife Aromatherapy Soap Bars!

Plantlife Soap user Phillip A. emailed us recently with his brilliant idea of fusing two complimentary Plantlife soaps together.  Read the email below for an exceptionally fun idea for fresh bars as well as left over soap bits!  We love this concept and appreciate Phillip sharing with us.

I’ve been using PlantLife Patchouli soap for many months now and recently bought some Sandalwood when my retailer restocked it.  I don’t have a convenient way to use multiple, separate bars of soap and it occurred to me to simply weld the two together with a bit of water – the way I’ll often salvage the last bit of a bar by welding it to a new one.

Since the aromas of the two are so complementary, I felt that I could use the two together with pleasing results.  I discovered I could weight the fragrance by using one side of the combo bar more on one side or the other, use one side exclusively or both more or less equally.  One day I’ll start experimenting with other varieties of PlantLife soaps.



The two fresh bars, ready for water-welding:

Freshly stuck together with a bit of water to soften the contact surfaces and allow bonding:

A well-used dual bar.  The Sandalwood side is thinner because I found myself using it more often than, or in greater proportion to, the Patchouli.  The Sandalwood was new to me with this combo bar and couldn’t resist indulging myself in its fragrance:

Thanks again Phillip for sharing this fun and creative idea!  I know I’ll be trying out a Chamomile/Lavender  and a Vanilla Orange/Abrosia combo ASAP!

Pictures and idea submission by Phillip A.

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